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A FREE Live Webinar Series: Doctor’s Choice Functional Health ReportA 6 Part Lecture Series

This six-week certification program is designed to give you master proficiency in interpretation of looking at common markers on chemistry screens, CBC, hormone markers and more. This series will walk you through core pathology as well as biochemical and nutritional interplay to give you a more complete understanding of your patient with increased options and support that guide treatment.

Practitioner Report Health Improvement Plan

Inflammation: The Silent Killer

Cardiovascular Disease and Endothelial Dysfunction: #1 Cause of Death

Immune Surveillance: Viral Bacterial and Allergy Response

Individual Nutrient Recommendations

Review of Case Reports

About the Presenter

Dr. Cheryl Burdette, ND

Cheryl Burdette, N.D. received her Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Bastyr University in 2001. She completed her residency at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Dr. Burdette is the Director of Clinical Support and Education for Evexia Diagnostics. In this role she shares her enthusiasm of laboratory testing to augment successful outcomes in patient care. She is currently in private practice in Atlanta, Georgia at Progressive Medical Center, one of the largest Integrative Medicine clinics in the Southeast. By working in laboratory sciences and clinical practice, she is able to connect cutting edge diagnostics with clinical applications. She is active in education at the integrative practice she works at, where she serves their Education Director as well as the director of a naturopathic residency program with a focus in nutritional biochemistry. She serves on an IRB board and reviews studies related to complementary and alternative therapies. Dr. Burdetteis one of the authors of the book, Laboratory Evaluations in Molecular Medicine, in which she contributed chapters on hormones and cardiology. She has published in many journals including Alternative Medicine Review and Clinical Chemistry. She is an often-sought speaker. She serves as a faculty member at University Bridgeport as well as the University of Miami, the first medical program to include integrative medicine in the core curriculum. She teaches at George Washington University, the first PhD program in integrative medicine. She is one of the founders of Dunwoody Labs, and worked with other functional laboratories previously. She has a lengthy background in lab sciences and in patient care, allowing her to bring clinical insight into the world of lab testing.

Naturopathic medicine combines evidencedbased natural treatments that recognize each person’s unique presentation, works to find the root cause of disease, and treats the person as a whole. Her practice is focused on the treatment of chronic conditions, and the use of hormones as a part of wellness. At Progressive Medical Centers she works as part of a team based approach, combining her perspective with that of M.D.s, D.O.s, and dieticians to provide a synergistic treatment plan that addresses the individual in a complete and holistic manner.