Four Steps to Freeing Yourself from the Shackles of Insurance Dependence™

Everything you need, under one umbrella, to reduce your dependence on insurance. Cash Practice® Systems is the answer you've been looking for. No longer will you have to depend on insurance and all the headaches that go with it. It may seem overwhelming, but Cash Practice® has the step-by-step process for making it a reality.

Cash Practice Four-Ward Progress

Cash Practice - The Wellness Score

The Wellness Score®

Grade your patient's overall wellness

Use The Wellness Score® at health fairs, corporate workshops and health talks to demonstrate the need for a more comprehensive in-office evaluation.

Showing new patients their Wellness Score makes it easier for them to say "yes" to starting care.

Patients need to know how they're progressing with care or they will more likely drop out. The Wellness Score® makes is super easy to show your patients the progress they're making.

Cash Practice - Auto-Debit System

Auto-Debit System®

Process one-time and recurring payments

Accepting Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express® credit cards, as well as debit cards and Bank EFT's makes it easy for patients to pay for new patient visits.

Use the Cash Plan Auto-Debit Scheduler™ to charge your patient's initial payment, schedule their recurring payments.

Automate all your payment processing. The more often your clients think about paying for care, the more likely they will stop getting care.

Cash Practice - Cash Plan Calculator

Cash Plan Calculator®

Create 100% custom compliant care plans

Using the Cash Plan Calculator® to offer your clients affordable payment options will attract more new patients and increase referrals.

The care plans created allow you to present professional financial agreements that show the client the value and savings of enrolling into your care plan versus paying per visit.

When patients enroll into long-term care plans with affordable payments, you reduce the likelihood of them dropping out when their insurance stops or when they mistakenly think they no longer require further care.

Cash Practice Drip-Education Email Marketing

Drip-Education® Email Marketing

Automatically send email campaigns

Fill your new patient funnel with leads using CP Online Forms™ Lead Pages that subscribe the leads to a Drip-Education® Video Email Marketing Campaign.

When you enroll clients with the Cash Plan Auto-Debit Scheduler™, be sure to start the education process by subscribing them to one of your Drip-Education® email campaigns.

Educate your clients and patients on the benefits and value of what they’re receiving from your services. Increasing perceived value increases retention.

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