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Functional Health Report

Doctor's Choice is proud to announce our FREE Functional Health Report!

One of the biggest challenges for today is information overload, and diagnosing & treating your patients is no different. So, what is the most relevant information to addressing your patient's personal health? With the Doctor's Choice Functional Health Report, you can offer your patients a comprehensive, completely customized lab interpretation report & health plan based on their unique biochemistry. No more wasted time and money on things they may not need!

We have compiled an easy-to-understand report that your patients can take home and refer back to at any time. Whether they forget the details of what you've told them, or they are trying to explain it to their skeptical friends or spouse, with their Doctor's Choice Functional Health Report, you have made it easy for them to remember.

Give your patients the freedom to know their health!

What is included in the report?

Functional Health Report Feature List Doctor's Choice Functional Health Report
  Patient Report Practitioner Report
Ranks Imbalances so you can see all meaningful imbalances on one page
Blood Test Results Report
Explains out of range results including related aggravating foods, supplements and drugs
Recommends other testing based on results/imbalances
Ranks changes and lists all comparisons as well
Nutrient Index Report
Correlates recommendations from the Health Improvement Plan to multiple nutraceutical products from industry leaders such as Metagenics, NuMedica, Xymogen, Designs For Health, Orthomolecular, Standard Process, Apex Energetics, and Premier Research Labs
% Deviation from Optimal Report
Clinical Dysfunctions Report  
What to Look For When Values Are Out of Range Report  
  • Credible, evidence-based analysis for you and patients.
  • Graphical, color-coded summaries so you don’t miss anything important.
  • Easy-to-understand language so your patients aren’t intimidated or overwhelmed.
  • Personalized health improvement plans, including what to avoid!
  • Progress tracking, so your patients can see their improvement or see that adjustments are needed.

How can these reports help my practice?

  • Helping you clearly see through complex issues
  • Offering comprehensive, customized health improvement plans.
  • Monitoring treatment
  • Helping patients clearly understand their unique biochemistry
  • Powerful marketing tool
  • Added revenue stream
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